Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Able to Forgive Enemies

Forgive the enemy is not an easy thing to do, especially if they never be rude to us. However, God teaches us to forgive enemies and everyone. This is what the Lord Jesus told one of his disciples Namely Judas Iscariot. Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him. But when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples one by one, Jesus remains washed Judas Iscariot. What do Tuhah Jesus should we apply into our lives. We must be able to receive and mutual forgiveness to everyone even the enemy of us though. Because of the love of God's infinite always working in our lives. Let us live fully controlled by the Lord Jesus.


Not Just Promise

Human can never be separated from the word "promise", but always obsessed with the beautiful promises. No one was promising something painful, depressing, even confusing. Instead, the promise given always gives wonderful hope and certainty. In fact, many people who fail to keep its promise and ultimately a deep sense of disappointment was felt by those who await the promise unfulfilled. Once let down by broken promises, then the person will lose trust in the pengobral this promise. The disappointment that could affect not good, not only in terms of lahirriah but also spiritually. In contrast to God's promise to His people. God's promise was certain and those who believe in His every promise will never let down.

Fear not, for I am with you. God wants every believer not to doubt his participation was perfect. Wherever, wherever and under whatever circumstances we, the inclusion of God is always upon us. Walking in His inclusion always give a true victory.

I will confirm, it will even help you. Under the circumstances and the present situation, many heart started fragile and easily swayed by faith because the struggle of life, either sickness or economic life increasingly difficult. In contrast, if we still believe in the providence of God over our lives, the Lord always expressed his miraculous rescue.

Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. Skeptic likened to a double-minded individual, between believe it or not. That is, there is no sincerity in his heart to believe. We will never accept the promise of God that in our hearts there is indecision.

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand that brought victory. Everyone wants a victory in his life. Whatever the form of the game faced or lived, as much as possible they want to achieve victory. The faithful rely on God in every aspect of life, will enjoy victory in his life. The strength of the Lord always sustain and guide us to the victory.

Never doubt be every promise of God, because God never lies, what comes out of His words will never pass away. Blessed are the faithful and diligent waiting for the promise of God, for He will enjoy God's blessing that remarkable. God always bless.

Reading the Bible: Isaiah 41:10

Receive Resettlement

A variety of interesting stories from the life of Moses is always used as a model by the believers. Moses was a great leader who had been prepared by God to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. He is the co-workers of God and also someone who had been face to face with God, even though he was just an ordinary person. He underwent a hard life and full of struggle alongside Israel. Viewed from the human side, the sacrifice Moses to the people of Israel really great. He who has lived in the comfort of having to leave it (Hebrews 11: 24-25). For us, it may be the name of Moses our minds more firmly planted on the name of Jacob, once [un Jacob is the ancestor of the nation of Israel. Therefore, the role of Moses is very important in the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt. Or maybe if we were positioned Moses, we think to take over the nation and continue to try to instill in their minds will be great our leadership, far exceeding greatness of their ancestors.

However, the final story is heartbreaking when Moses did a violation of God's command. He was convicted and unsparing punishment, the right to enjoy the Promised Land revoked by God. God just took him to Mount Nebo and show the beauty of the Promised Land. If I were positioned Moses, maybe I'll protest to God. Because after all he did, he would not get anything, even the results enjoyed by others, Joshua servant. It is grossly unfair to Moses!

However, it is precisely this point that enhance properties of Moses as a God-fearing. Because, after knowing for sure that he will not enjoy the Promised Land. Moses still give thanks to the nation of Israel is recorded in Deuteronomy 33. Moses generosity to accept the decision of God to show her submission to the authority of God. He does not demand much less leverage all the sacrifices he has Berika to God. Conversely, without the slightest discord, he was obedient to God's decision.

Rarely found people who had an oversized heart like Moses. That just because of one mistake, the whole pengorbananya seems to be meaningless. He was a man, he learned not to see the judgment of God by humanity. It is the latest example of the life of Moses that we should emulate. Are we still protesting the Lord is not just a sacrifice, but also a great need to accept God's decision is not in accordance with our will. Amen.

Devotional readings: Deuteronomy 32:52; 34: 4.

Lock Door Opener Heimlich

Damascus became the border between the two opposing principles of life in Paul's life. He journeyed to Damascus with full confidence in the power within him to stop the preaching of the Good News. But the glory of God stopped making it understands the power of God that he needed to proclaim the Good News, so he declared: "The burden be on us so big and so heavy ... But it happened so that we should not trust in ourselves themselves, but in God ... "(2 Corinthians 1: 8).

PPaul makes every challenge he faced into the training arena itself for transferring power from himself to God. He understood the importance of trusting God for life situations faced. Versatility brain and sparks fly high religious knowledge is not much help in solving the challenges of life. However, surrender to God makes it a real winner. The beauty of experiencing the power of God in the midst of despair is much more precious than human adulation and respect he received. Thus he advised the Corinthians to no confidence in yourself when facing difficulties and challenges.

Some time ago, I face a problem that took me to a situation "like an egg in the balance". I was nervous and did not know what I should do. I was only able to say: "God, I trust You in addressing this issue more than I trust myself." Finally everything is done properly and in a way that you never imagined. God has a thousand ways to help us, but sometimes we were stranded in a situation where there is no sense, but God never lost his mind in helping his people. We just need to join forces left to divert the confidence in yourself to trust in God. Herein lies in surrender to God.

Surrendering to God means giving opportunities as possible for God to intervene. The greater the surrender to God more open opportunity to be able to resolve the crisis of life. Remember, when we want to look great, then God looks small, but if we can not help the great power of God in us. The introduction of the greatness of God's power is made Paul always surrendered to Him. Remember, our lives have never passed without turmoil, so keep surrendering kapada God. Amen, God bless us all.

Read in Bible: 2 Corinthians 1: 8-9.

I Want Your Allegiance

This is a touching true love story of lovers, Ellen and Vincent. They began dating since high school. During the seven years they were dating and then married. Ellen loves Vincent! He was always noted the vagaries of his love of travel with Vincent in his diary. Entering the fifth year of marriage, they started to feel the hard times. Increasingly there are no matches. And they fight only for small things, such as when Ellen old opened the gate when Vincent came home from work and for a small table purchased by Ellen without talking to Vincent, considered just throwing money away.

August 27 is the birthday of Ellen. That morning they even fight, because Ellen Vincent so he did not wake up late for work. Annoyed, Vincent did not say happy birthday to Ellen, no longer even give sweet kiss to Ellen as she always did when Ellen's birthday. That day, at 10 pm Vincent was still in office and preparing to go home. On the way, it was raining very heavy and the streets were still crowded with vehicles so as to make jam, it adds to the resentment in the hearts of Vincent. Upon arriving home she melihan Ellen asleep on the family room couch. 

Ellen wait Vincent home because he had already prepared a special dinner for them both. Vincent stopped in front of the couch and looked at Ellen, then he went back to the bedroom without waking Ellen. Ellen on the dressing table, she saw Ellen's diary and he read it. "February 14, 1996. Thank God for the gift that is valuable to me, my first boyfriend Vincent will be my last boyfriend. 6, 2001 accidentally saw Vincent dinner with another woman, laughing tenderly. Lord, I ask that Vincent did not move to another heart . October 23, 2001, I found a letter of gratitude to Vincent on Candle Light Dinner at the birthday of a woman by the name of Molly. who is God? Is not my eyes to what you want me to know. January 4, 2002, I was approached by a woman named Melly . He insulted me and mengatakn Vincent had an affair with him. Lord, give me the strength that comes than You. " Read this diary made Vincent feel shortness of breath and no longer able to open the next page. Vincent ran out of the room, hugged and kissed her forehead so that Ellen Ellen woke up, "Ellen forgive me, I love you, congratulations replicates the year."

Sincerity love and cherish someone will make fidelity is maintained. God also wants us always sincere love him, because God wants our devotion is evident in our escort and serve.

Read in Bible: Proverb 19:22a